Special Message for Subscribers in the Northeast USA

Here’s just a quick message for those of you living in the Northeast awaiting the arrival of the hurricane: be safe, and I hope you are prepared with bottled water, batteries, a couple of days’ worth of food you won’t need electricity to prepare, and as many of your electronic devices charged up as possible.

One thing I’ve learned living in Houston is when the power goes out for a while due to these storms, or even the threat of them, is cellular service can be overwhelmed and you can’t make or receive a call on your cell phone.  Don’t forget text messaging uses different frequencies – when Hurricane Ike hit Houston a few years ago the power was out for days here (and weeks in other neighborhoods), for about a week cell service was spotty.  However, we could nearly always communicate with others via text messaging due to the different frequency.

I hope the power isn’t out for long, but it might.  If it does, turn your Kindle’s wireless off as it will conserve the battery and you can read for days – that’s what I did while waiting for the power and the repair team to fix the hole in my roof.  Stay safe, you’re in our prayers, and we will still be here once all of this passes!




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